Recovery Services

Alleviating worries for clients & loved ones.

Are you ready to RE-INvent your life?

No matter where you are at in your sobriety, wellness and recovery journey, “D” can help.

For any of these services, please call or text “D” directly at 520-272-6642

Safe Transport

Assisting clients on the journey between home and checking into treatment whether it be from another hospital, after an intervention, or from one level of care to another. If you are willing to go, “D” will walk beside you to ensure your safe arrival. Transition from one stage of recovery to another can be critical to long term sobriety and wellness, so having a safe, comfortable, and planned itinerary, can alleviate many worries for both the client and their loved ones.  

Recovery Coaching

Sobriety, wellness, and recovery from any illness takes time and it doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it over after 30, 60, or 90 days of treatment.  It is just beginning. Recovery coaching allows for another level of support and accountability with another person to share in your journey to success and freedom. Recovery coaching packages are individualized and specialized for each person’s needs including referrals and connections to local groups, meetings, therapists, and agencies. Recovery coaching is NOT therapy. Appointments can be scheduled on a weekly or daily basis, as well as urgent or as needed sessions.

Recovery Speaking

Greeting your group, institution, or clients for small or large motivational presentations.  From adolescents in crisis to seniors in adult living homes, “D” can address any topics you choose or allow her to present age and situation appropriate encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to help them on their road to wellness. “D” speaks from experience from her childhood through adulthood including abuse, assault, parent loss, addiction, and PTSD, yet leaving the listeners inspired and hopeful for their future.

For any of these services, please call or text “D” directly at 520-272-6642