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What are my options for meeting you?  Private tele-health (video) sessions.  Local in-person Tucson Sessions.

What type of payments do you accept? Stripe (securely through my website), Square, Venmo, or Cash

What kind of changes should I expect? Changes are individual to your goals including a more positive attitude, improved outlook, better health, or all-around enhanced well-being.

What is my time commitment? Sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Do I have to do homework? You get as much out as you put in.  Whatever realistic goals and action steps you create are the work you do at home. 

What is Itegrative Health & Wellness Coaching? Integrative Health and Wellness (IHW) Coaching is a partnership.  The focus is to address the health and wellbeing of the whole person; body, mind, and soul.

Is Health Coaching right for you? If you really want to learn more about health coaching, however you are not quite ready to make the call, spend 20 minutes and watch this video below to see if it’s right for you.


“Ms. Dwight brings many years of nursing experience to her coaching practice. She is a caring, upbeat, and competent coach who will guide you on your path to wellness.”



“The convenience of Zoom was a definite advantage for me in terms of traveling and setting up appointments as I felt I have more flexibility. I specifically enjoyed working with D… and she is approachable, nonjudgmental, but realistic. I feel that my information is safe.”

Melody M.

Tucson, AZ

I was excited to work with D as my health & wellness coach but wasn’t sure what to expect. In the course of the first 2 sessions I was able to identify and prioritize challenges that I wanted and needed to address in a very positive and supportive way. I really experienced an integrated approach to wellness. In reaching my goal in one area, the process flowed seamlessly into other areas. By the end of our work together, I literally changed my lifestyle and am well on my way to continued wellness. De was positive, encouraging and non-judgmental. She helped me be a better problem solver! I accomplished so much working with her. If you are considering a health and wellness coach, I strongly recommend her.

Ethel S.

Tucson, AZ

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One of my goals of 2020 was to get back on track with my physical health. My fitness journey was disrupted in 2016 when a melanoma spot was removed from the left lateral trunk area of my body. I struggled with recovering since that area is connected to so much movement. Then I herniated a disc in my back. Insult to injury. Over the next few years I would go through short seasons of exercise, eating better, and then I’d face more challenges that brought disappointment and discouragement.

Running was more than exercise for me. It was a release and refreshing. A time of connecting with God. A safe place for my heart to be expressed, heard, healed, and adjusted. That was the even bigger loss and I hadn’t realized how much of my struggle over the past few years was really grief and bouts depression. God showed me the ugly place I was living in and He invited me to return to running. I was hesitant.

In January 2020, as I spent time with God preparing for my new year (which begins in February–anyone who handles accounting understands that January is not a good time to start new goals), I knew I needed help. I couldn’t do this on my own. Health is more than physical activity and eating right. God connected me with an Integrative Health Coach. 2020 has definitely had its lows, but I am so glad for the connection with D Dwight. She has asked powerful questions that have drawn out negative thoughts and fears and helped me find hope. We looked at my whole life and found where it had holes. Working with her has been more than accountability for exercising and eating better. It’s helped strengthen relationships with my family, live life more intentionally, and be healed. I’ll never forget when she asked, “What if you just run? Not a mile, but just to the entrance of your subdivision?” Those questions hit my heart and broke through what was holding me back! I started to see yes instead of no. I was so so excited I couldn’t wait to just run.

I’m not done yet. I’m on a good path now. I’m not alone.

Valarie S.

Tucson, AZ

“D’s energy and enthusiasm could power a small city. Her passion for health promotion, and helping others find their path to wellbeing and wholeness never ceases to inspire.”

Molly P.

Tucson, AZ