Lose 21 pounds in 21 days! Double your money in 1 year! Reduce your stress in 3 simple steps, and so on, and so on. Have we not been tempted by these big promises over and over to only be let down, disappointed and defeated?  We have good intentions, but the accolades are unrealistic.

Why do we doubt our ability to do these things on our own, at a slow and steady pace, realistically and successfully? If we knew we would.  But consider for a moment, that you could lose 4 pounds in one month, have 5 minutes of peace and calm per day, or get 8 hours of sleep a night?

Now imagine cooking your favorite spaghetti sauce that you learned to make with your grandmother. There was no recipe, you just remembered the ingredients and tasted it until it was perfect.  You never measured the tablespoon of oregano or the teaspoon of salt. You sprinkled a little here and a dab there, and then cooked it for a long time until it was just right.  It’s the same way for us.  None of has the same recipe to achieve things.  It takes minor adjustments and a little time.  Making one small change can add up to a big difference. That’s the sweet taste of success.